Rechargeable Cigarette Express Kit (Menthol)

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  • Now You Can Enjoy Your Smoking Experience Virtually Anywhere With The New Cigalectric&Trade; E-Cigarette Express Kit.
  • This Revolutionary, Cost Effective Electronic Cigarette Is One Of The Highest Quality E-Cigarettes On The Market And Offers A Better And Greener Environment For Both You And The Non-Smoking Community.
  • The Development Of This Non-Flammable Electronic Cigarette Is Revolutionizing Traditional Tobacco Smoking And Is Giving People The Freedom Of Smoking With The Pleasure Of Quitting In Mind.
  • Supported By A Micro-Electronic Device In The Cartridge Called An Atomizer, The Electronic Cigarette Gives You The Same Sensation As Smoking A Traditional Nicotine Cigarette.
  • Cigalectric Has A New Atomizer In Every New Cartridge, While Most Other Brands Re-Use Their Atomizer Only Replacing The Sleeve.
  • Re-Using The Same Atomizer Over And Over Can Cause Leakage, Fowl Taste, And Replacement Costs.
  • Just As A Regular Cigarette Gives You A Cloud Of Smoke From Tobacco, The Electronic Cigarette Gives You A Cloud Of Smoke By Vaporizing The Nicotine Into An Odorless Vapor Then The Odorless Smoke Dissipates In Seconds.
  • No Second-Hand Smoke, No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide, No Odor, And Cigalectric Is Completely Free Of Tobacco, And This Product Does Not Contain The Significant Number Of Toxins Typically Found In Tobacco Products.
  • Cigalectrics'S Starter Kit Includes A Usb Charger That Most Other Companies Sell Separately.
  • Go Ahead And Try It, Then Enjoy Your New Smoking Experience!
  • Features:
    • No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide, No Flame, No Pollution, No Tobacco Smell And No Stained Teeth When You Smoke Electronic Cigarettes
    • Easy To Use, Convenient To Carry, And You Can Smoke Anywhere
    • Performance Is Of The Highest Quality Compared To Other Brands
    • No Possibility To Cause Fire
    • It Can Be Used Safely In All Non-Smoking Areas
  • Includes:
    • E-Cigarette
    • One Menthol Atomized Cartridge
    • Usb Charger