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Comfort Briefs

Comfort Briefs

Comfort brand unisex disposable underwear fills an ever-growing industry need in:

Its soft nylon is wholly knitted by machine with no stitched hems, providing maximum wearing comfort. Comfort unisex disposable underwear is a perfect solution to satisfy growing institutional requirements, providing people with simple personal protection, cleanliness, reduced infection. It's an ideal solution to endless institutional problems of undergarment laundry.

Comfort unisex disposable briefs are made of highly-stretchable, breathable nylon and are 100% latex-free. Each size stretches to fit the widest variety of men and women with a minimum of sizes. Although they can withstand up to 50 industrial washings, they are economical enough to be termed and used as disposable.

People that have received Comfort briefs during their visit to spas and hospitals have asked us "where can I get these amazing briefs?" Now, they are available for purchase online. They're great for general use, such as traveling, hiking and camping, night wearing, or for ladies during "light" days. These simple briefs can also be used to hold incontinence pads or drip collectors securely.